Each health institution may have different needs. That is why the first stage begins with an analysis of the requirements to recommend the best solution. To answer to your specifications, we propose a range of the widest and the most flexible services.

From the “turnkey” contract where we manage all the service aspects, to a support dedicated for the establishment which want to manage themselves their services..

Full delegation of the service

  • Management reception,
  • Management invoicing,
  • Regular reporting,
  • Statistics of sales and use services,
  • Local support and/or distant to the end users,
  • Administration/ equipment’s supervision.

Personalized support of exploitation

  • Establishment staff training,
  • Management and administration tools available,
  • On-site technical interventions.

Financial solutions

Our solutions are built to enable a controlled return on investment. However, establishments doesn’t have necessarily capacity to invest in the implementation of these new technologies and can reserved their credits for other functions than hotel services.

That is why Télécom Santé offers financial solutions individually adapted which allow the deployment of these news services without investment from the establishment.


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