The technological revolution in the patient's bed

A product focused on patient’s needs…

MediaScreen is a full and innovative solution which proposes an exhaustive range of communication and entertainment services aimed at the hospitalized patients. It allows them to stay in touch with their families and don’t feel isolated anymore during their recovery period, but also to entertain themselves. Built around a touch screen directly using the patient’s bed, our solution answers patient’s desires and enhances their stay.

MediaScreen | Télécom Santé

And on healthcare center’s needs…

MediaScreen can also improve the relationship between patient and healthcare center. Either to improve the logistic of suggested hotel services (for example, the management and the order of meals) or foster the patient’s information (Therapeutic Education, information about the services,…). MediaScreen is a simple tool, comprehensive and adaptable to each institution.

Easy to clean and to disinfect, our solution is certified IP65 and respect the EN 60601 standard (electromagnetic compatibility).

Télécom Santé invested a lot in the interface’s ergonomics used by the patients, and works on it closely with its partner Télécom Bretagne. To ensure the using simplicity of the suggested services, the solution adapts itself to each patient. The youngest will have a playful and colored interface whereas seniors will use a simple interface, contrasted and adapted to visual disabilities.

MediaScreen | Télécom Santé

MediaScreen Barco

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