Digital Signage

Télécom Santé offers a global solution of multimedia content diffusion of health care centers. This digital signage solution provides to health institutions an easy and intuitive content’s creation and management tool coupled to multiple display devices (interactive terminals and screens…).

The digital signage solution of Télécom Santé is manage from end to end by our teams. Thanks to digital signage, you will optimize the patients and visitors’ information and also the communication to the institution’s staff. The digital signage will improve your reception conditions and the visitors and patients wait will be less stressful and more educational.

Télécom Santé develops a global multimedia solution for the health establishments.

Your patients

  • Optimization of visitors and patients’ information
  • Improvement of the patients’ wait conditions
  • Information updated in real time (preventions, rights)
  • Non-stop service (7j/7, 24h/24)

Your establishment

  • Management centralized of contents
  • Improvement establishments’ capacity to answer HAS certification
  • Simple tool allowing to quickly manage your contents and to adapt it to your environment

Your staff

  • Communication simplify to the establishment’s staff
  • Access rights management, secure users accounts
  • Administration from any user post

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